Modular managed software solutions

Sorcha Biotech offer a modular managed software solution to cater for various industry sectors where confirmation is required for health clearance regards specific concerns.

Sorcha Biotech’s managed software solutions can be integrated into existing client software where applicable, providing Application Programming Interface (API) access is available. Bespoke software solutions specific to client needs can also be developed and integrated.

Secure certification, ticketing, passes and lab results can be provided through ‘tamper proof’ block chain technology solutions.

Our software solutions:

  • Secure certifications for travel
  • Secure ticketing for venues
  • Secure passes for businesses
  • Secure lab results for institutions
  • Payment processing
  • Appointment booking
  • Lab operation integration
  • Digital (KYC) identification
  • Enhanced identity vetting
  • Geo location services

Our Solutions

Sorcha Biotech Ltd provide bespoke and effective managed solutions to facilitate operations and drive innovation.

Lab Testing

Sorcha Biotech offers both low and high volume (several thousand tests per cycle) managed lab solutions via fully accredited gold standard PCR analysis facilities.

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Point of Care

Sorcha Biotech offers managed point of care solutions to facilitate testing and vaccinations.

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