Sorcha Biotech offers managed point of care solutions

As the term ‘point of care’ suggests – it is a client facing operation where samples are taken and thereafter sent to Sorcha Biotech labs for PCR analysis; with the exception of rapid lateral flow testing and travel vaccinations. Sorcha Biotech does not advocate the use of lateral flow tests where results are critical to a health analysis requirement, due to result inconsistencies and fluctuating accuracies at different stages of a cycle in health analysis. Lateral flow devices can however be a fast, cost effective and useful tool to identify the probability of a health issue (ie. virus, allergy, food intolerance, pregnancy, vitamin and mineral deficiencies) which, if positively identified, can thereafter be confirmed via further medical and lab analysis for greater certainty.

We facilitate:

  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) tests to for virus detection – Gold Standard
  • DNA Testing – Forensic DNA profiling for criminal casework, Forensic DNA profiling, Paternity, Extended Family, Immigration and Ancestry
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing –  Hair, Urine, Blood, Saliva and Nail testing
  • Rapid health tests (usually within 20 minutes) via lateral flow devices including Antibody and Antigen tests
  • Travel vaccinations

Our Solutions

Sorcha Biotech Ltd provide bespoke and effective managed solutions to facilitate operations and drive innovation.

Lab Testing

Sorcha Biotech offers both low and high volume (several thousand tests per cycle) managed lab solutions via fully accredited gold standard PCR analysis facilities.

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Managed Software

Sorcha Biotech offers a modular managed software solution to cater for various industry sectors where confirmation is required for health clearance regards specific concerns.

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