Low & high volume managed lab solutions 

Sorcha Biotech offers both low and high volume (several thousand tests per cycle) managed lab solutions via fully accredited gold standard PCR analysis facilities. 

Sometimes called “molecular photocopying,” the PCR is a fast and cost effective technique used to “amplify”, or “copy” small segments of DNA. Because significant amounts of a sample of DNA are necessary for molecular and genetic analyses, studies of isolated pieces of DNA are nearly impossible without PCR amplification. Once amplified, the DNA produced by PCR can be used in laboratory procedures. PCR is valuable in a number of laboratory and clinical techniques, including DNA profiling, detection of microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses, and diagnosis of genetic disorders. The entire process of PCR is automated and can be completed in a couple of hours. It is directed by a thermocycler, which is programmed to alter the temperature of the reaction every few minutes to allow DNA denaturing and synthesis. 

Some of the hurdles experienced by business in the mass adoption of this practice of testing include cost per test to the customer and timescales required to communicate results when dealing with mass volumes. Sorcha Biotech’s managed lab solutions can mitigate such concerns by implementing a mass volume PCR testing infrastructure where results are communicated within a 3 hour period and remain cost effective. Sorcha Biotech employ personnel with decades of experience in PCR technology and specifically dealing with high-volume analysis (tens of thousands per day), along with extensive experience in laboratory management and development, including accreditation. Sorcha Biotech offers this expertise to point of care providers who require to outsource PCR lab analysis – competitive rates are offered for point of care providers who require both PCR lab analysis and secure certifications through Sorcha Biotech’s managed software solution. This solution is also particularly common with government ‘test to release’ systems where point of care providers take samples on site and thereafter send samples by courier to PCR labs for analysis. 

Sorcha Biotech’s managed lab solutions can also be remotely located via mobile (specially adapted and fitted vehicles) or static (specially adapted and fitted portacabins) solutions on client sites. Such solutions would be considered for time critical test analysis. 

Our Solutions

Sorcha Biotech Ltd provide bespoke and effective managed solutions to facilitate operations and drive innovation.

Point of Care

Sorcha Biotech offers managed point of care solutions to facilitate testing and vaccinations.

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Managed Software

Sorcha Biotech offers a modular managed software solution to cater for various industry sectors where confirmation is required for health clearance regards specific concerns.

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